Lunch Bento

  A 8.5   B
  Chicken Teriyaki (Dark meat)     Chicken Shoga-Yaki
  4pc California Roll     (Pan-fried w. scallions, ginger & garlic sauce)
  Vegetables & Rice     4pc California Roll
  Fruit     Vegetables & Rice
  C 13   D  
  Salmon Teriyaki     Shrimp Tempura 13
  Chicken Katsu
(Fried-chicken cutlet)
    Beef Negimaki
(Beef wrapped around scallions)
  4pc California Roll     2pc Gyoza
(Pork dumplings)
  3pc Sashimi     4pc California Roll  
  Vegetables & Rice
    Vegetables & Rice  
  Fruit     Fruit  


Children Combination Platters


*For children 10 and under

  Combo A
Shrimp Tempura
Chicken Teriyaki (Dark meat)
2pc Gyoza (Pork dumpling)
Ice Cream
9   Combo B
Yakiniku (Pan-fried beef)
Tatsuta-Age (Fried boneless chicken)
2pc Gyoza (Pork dumpling)
Ice Cream


We offer Gluten free Soy for those who are allergic to Gluten.
Please inform your server of any food related allergies.